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Microcirculation and blood coagulation in patients with diabetes mellitus undergoing antidiabetic therapy of different types
Marked derangements in the microcirculatory system concerning both the vascular wall proper and of the rheological properties of the blood were revealed and were more distinct in the patients over 45 years of age with prolonged affection and the presence of vascular complications but proved to be independent of the therapy carried out. Expand
Lipid peroxidation in patients with diffuse toxic goiter and hypothyroidism
: A study made in 77 patients with different form of thyropathy revealed increased blood plasma and erythrocyte content of lipid peroxidation products, such as diene conjugates and TBA-activeExpand
[Characteristics of the clinical aspects, and hormonal and immunological status of thyrotoxicosis patients with a hereditary predisposition to endocrine diseases].
More pronounced disorders in thyroid hormone metabolism and humoral immunity state were seen in thyrotoxic patients with hereditary predisposition to endocrine diseases, in comparison with those of the subjects without this heredity. Expand