Grigory Vertelov

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RATIONALE Virtually all mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) studies assume that therapeutic effects accrue from local myocardial effects of engrafted MSCs. Because few intravenously administered MSCs engraft in the myocardium, studies have mainly utilized direct myocardial delivery. We adopted a different paradigm. OBJECTIVE To test whether intravenously(More)
A feature which makes stem cells promising candidates for cell therapy is their ability to migrate effectively into damaged or diseased tissues. Recent reports demonstrated the increased motility of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC) grown under hypoxic conditions compared to normoxic cells. However, the directional migration of hMSC cultured in hypoxia(More)
The dependences of spreading and differentiation of stem cells plated on hydrogel and silicone gel substrates on the rigidity and porosity of the substrates have recently been a subject of some controversy. In experiments on human mesenchymal stem cells plated on soft, medium rigidity, and hard silicone gels we show that harder gels are more osteogenic,(More)
We report a rheological study of suspensions of non-Brownian chain-like magnetic particles in the presence of magnetic fields. These particles have been synthesized using spherical iron particles by linking them with a polymer and are called polymerized chains. We have shown that, in oscillatory squeeze mode, the suspensions of such chain-like particles(More)
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