Grigorios N. Beligiannis

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New results are listed below, derived from the algorithm presented at the corresponding paper, due to a minor significance bug correction and further experiments conducted after the publication date of the paper. The new results may differ from those mentioned at the text of the original paper. Nevertheless, the new results are, in the great majority, at(More)
Manipulation of Male sexual dysfunction (or Impotence) that concerns 10% of the male population requires expertise and great experience. Different diagnostic approaches according to medical as well as to psychosocial and cultural characteristics of patients are usually followed. In this paper, a GA (genetic algorithm) driven intelligent system (GADIS) for(More)
Intelligent Agents and Computational Intelligence Techniques. The new e-learning environment is constituted by three parts, the E-learning platform Front-End, the Student Questioner Reasoning and the Student Model Agent. These parts are distributed geographically in dispersed computer servers, with main focus on the design and development of these(More)
of the classic Genetic Algorithm is proposed. The idea of restarting a Genetic Algorithm is applied in order to obtain better knowledge of the solution space of the problem. A new operator of " insertion " is introduced so as to exploit (utilize) the information that has already been collected before the restarting procedure. Finally, numerical experiments(More)