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Heart failure is a syndrome characterized initially by left ventricular dysfunction that triggers countermeasures aimed to restore cardiac output. These responses are compensatory at first but eventually become part of the disease process itself leading to further worsening cardiac function. Among these responses is the activation of the sympathetic nervous(More)
BACKGROUND The impact of digoxin on outcomes of patients with advanced heart failure (HF) receiving optimal contemporary therapy is not known. METHODS AND RESULTS We retrospectively reviewed data of 455 advanced HF patients referred for transplant evaluation (age, 52+/-12 years; ejection fraction, 18.3+/-8%); 227 (49.9%) were on digoxin at baseline.(More)
INTRODUCTION Functional assessment of the systemic right ventricle is often problematic in patients with Dtransposition of the great arteries (D-TGA) due to altered ventricular geometry. The clinical applicability of myocardial deformation imaging by two-dimensional strain (2DS) echocardiography in this setting is still under investigation. METHODS We(More)
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