Grigorios Dimitriadis

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Wind tunnel tests conducted on a model based on the long-eared bat Plecotus auritus indicated that the positioning of the tail membrane (uropatagium) can significantly influence flight control. Adjusting tail position by increasing the angle of the legs ventrally relative to the body has a two-fold effect; increasing leg-induced wing camber (i.e., locally(More)
Non-linear restoring force function for mode i a Vector of basis function coefficients K Modal damping matrix α Mass proportional damping coefficient K i Modal damping of mode i β Stiffness proportional damping coefficient M Modal mass matrix C Modal damping matrix M i Modal mass of mode i C i Modal damping of mode i N Total number of sample points or basis(More)
The diversity of wing morphologies in birds reflects their variety of flight styles and the associated aerodynamic and inertial requirements. Although the aerodynamics underlying wing morphology can be informed by aeronautical research, important differences exist between planes and birds. In particular, birds operate at lower, transitional Reynolds numbers(More)
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