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Permeability of the skin has assumed ever-increasing importance in recent decades [2, 4-9]. The wide range of problems undergoing investigation by specialists in different fields can be reduced to three principal trends [15]. The essential aim of the first trend is to create a layer of ointment, lotion, or cream on the skin surface through which substances(More)
In order to evaluate the current state of Lake Ladoga a comprehensive investigation of its pollution by metals, oil products, phenols, anionic detergents and 3,4-benzopyrene was carried out in July 1993. The results indicate a considerable pollution of the lake waters by metals and phenols. High degree of pollution of sediments by oil products and(More)
The contemporary search for biologically active compounds (BAC), such as drugs, herbicides, insecticides, attractants, radioprotectants, etc., is composed to two basic steps. The first step is the chemical synthesis, and the second is the biological testing of the synthesized compounds. Each of these steps is characterized by an excessive number of variants(More)
One of the common problems in pharmacology and toxicology is the establishment of the level of lethal doses of concentrations [2]. Especially popular among research workers are the calculated values of the effective and lethal doses or concentrations, giving the pharmacological or lethal effect in 50% of experimental test-subjects (EDs0 , ECb0 , LDb0 , LCs0(More)
Recently, it has been shown that the increase in biological activity in homologous and genetic series of compounds is not unlimited; a "breaking point" is always reached, and the subsequent members of the series prove to be ineffective with respect to a selected criterion of biological activity [i, 2]. On an analytical level, the "breaking point" rule is(More)