Grigori I Shulzhenko

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In the Budker Institute, Novosibirsk, an ion source with arc-discharge plasma box has been developed in the recent years for application in thermonuclear devices for plasma diagnostics. Several modifications of the ion source were provided with extracted current ranging from 1 to 7 A and pulse duration of up to 4 s. Initially, the arc-discharge plasma box(More)
A diagnostic neutral beam system has been developed for the Madison symmetric torus ~MST! reversed-field pinch. The system is primarily used: ~1! for measurement of the majority ion equilibrium and fluctuating velocity and temperature by Rutherford scattering ~RS!; ~2! for measurement of the impurity ion velocity and temperature, both equilibrium and(More)
The status and the executing modernization of RUssian Diagnostic Injector (RUDI) are described. The ion source consists of arc plasma emitter and multiaperture four-electrode ion optical system. The present ion optical system with round beamlets is to be replaced by new slit apertures system for the reducing beam angular divergence in one direction. Due to(More)
A plane cathode composed of close-packed hexagonal LaB6 (lanthanum hexaboride) segments is described. The 6 cm diameter circular cathode is heated by radiation from a graphite foil flat spiral. The cathode along with a hollow copper anode is used for the arc discharge plasma production in a newly developed linear plasma device. A separately powered coil(More)
The upgrade of the diagnostic neutral beam injector RUDI in 2010 was performed to increase the beam density at the focal plane in accordance with the requirements of charge-exchange recombination spectroscopy diagnostics. A new focusing ion-optical system (IOS) with slit beamlets and an enlarged aperture was optimized for 50% higher nominal beam current and(More)
The paper reviews the results of development of steady-state arc-discharge plasma generator with directly heated LaB6 cathode. This arc-discharge plasma generator produces a plasma jet which is to be converted into an atomic one after recombination on a metallic plate. The plate is electrically biased relative to the plasma in order to control the atom(More)
Neutral beam with geometrical focusing for plasma heating in moderate-size plasma devices has been developed in Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk. When operated with hydrogen, the neutral beam power is 1 MW, pulse duration is 1 s, beam energy is 40 keV, and angular divergence is 1.2 degrees. Initial ion beam is extracted and accelerated by(More)
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