Grigor Ryzhakov

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IRF5 plays a key role in the induction of pro-inflammatory cytokines, contributing to the plasticity and polarisation of macrophages to an M1 phenotype and initiation of a potent T(H)1-T(H)17 response. To better understand the means of IRF5 transcriptional action, we conducted a screen for IRF5-interacting partners by affinity purification coupled to mass(More)
NF-kappaB activation occurs upon degradation of its inhibitor I-kappaB and requires prior phosphorylation of the inhibitor by I-kappaB kinase (IKK). Activity of IKK is governed by its noncatalytic subunit IKKgamma. Signaling defects due to missense mutations in IKKgamma have been correlated to its inability to either become ubiquitylated or bind ubiquitin(More)
We present an application of &#x210B;<sup>2</sup>-matrix compression to the problem of diffraction of electromagnetic wave on ideal-conductive bodies in the 3D case. Numerical examples are given. In the case, when the body is electrically large, a fine grid on the body is needed to approximate the unknown function with good accuracy. Thus, the matrix(More)
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