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Earlier work in this field is reviewed and present concepts and terminologies are examined in detail. A revised way of dealing with ideas implicit in the terms "drug abuse" or "drug misuse" is proposed; the term "neuroadaptive state" is suggested as an alternative to "physical dependence"; a profile is given of the elements that constitute a "drug(More)
Very few traditional foods that are consumed have been subjected to systematic toxicological and nutritional assessment, yet because of their long history and customary preparation and use and absence of evidence of harm, they are generally regarded as safe to eat. This 'history of safe use' of traditional foods forms the benchmark for the comparative(More)
This paper builds upon the work of previous authors who have explored the evolution of ideas in the alcohol arena. With revisions in the relevant sections of ICD and DSM forthcoming, such matters are of considerable contemporary importance. The focus here will be upon the history of the last 200 years. The main themes to be explored include the flux of(More)
AIMS This paper has as its focus a study tour made by the author in 1961. Diary notes are used to capture a historical moment in the evolution of alcohol studies. The paper will argue for the continuing value today of such experiences in support of career development and the building of 'the field'. DATA SOURCES Diary notes and personal recollection. (More)
Despite increases in the incidence of many parasitic infections in recent years, the number of studies designed to improve the treatment of these infections has failed to keep pace with their huge impact on public health. Unfortunately, research and development in this field is not an economically attractive proposition for the pharmaceutical industry, and(More)