Griffin Bullock

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The fate of organic nitrogen and carbon introduced into a swimming pool by pool users has been studied using a 2.2 m(3) model pool. The study made use of a body fluid analogue (BFA), containing the primary endogenous organic amino compounds, and a soiling analogue represented by humic acid (HA). The system was used to examine the effect of organic loading(More)
The feature identification and location experiment (FILE) senses radiation from the earth in spectral bands centered at 0.65 and 0.85 micrometers and compares ratios of the reflected solar radiation in the two wavelengths to make real-time classification decisions about four primary features: water, vegetation, bare land, and a cloud-snow-ice class. The(More)
Predicting the temperature and extent of ice freezing in aqueous solutions is crucial for areas as diverse as cryobiology and materials design. It has long been recognized that the thermodynamics of liquid water controls the temperature and kinetics of ice crystallization. Parameterizations of the freezing temperatures in terms of the water activity of the(More)
OBJECTIVES To (1) determine adherence to American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Foundation guidelines for pediatric tonsillectomy recommending routine administration of perioperative dexamethasone and against routine antibiotic administration among surgeons and hospitals in a multihospital network and (2) evaluate the impact of adherence(More)
The most severe impacts of waves upon a coast are considered. It is demonstrated that the violence of impact depends very sensitively on the transformation of waves approaching a wall, making the most violent impacts correspondingly rare. Pressures are high enough to cause compressibility effects to be important. Numerical solutions show the significant(More)
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