Grienggrai Pantuwan

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Drought is a major constraint to rice (Oryza sativa) yield and its stability in rainfed and poorly irrigated environments. Identifying genomic regions influencing the response of yield and its components to water deficits will aid in our understanding of the genetics of drought tolerance and development of more drought tolerant cultivars. Quantitative trait(More)
Direct and indirect economic loss in the agricultural sector due to drought is huge. With the advent of molecular-marker technology, research on drought resistance in crop plants has shifted from physiological descriptions of the phenomenon to genetic dissection of the mechanisms involved. Here, we report a comprehensive study of mapping the drought(More)
A large portion of the world’s poor farm in rainfed systems where the water supply is unpredictable and droughts are common. In Thailand there are approximately 6.2 million ha of rain fed lowland rice, which account for 67% of the country’s total rice-growing area. This rice system is often characterised by too much and too little water in the same season.(More)
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