Gretha van de Glind

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The characteristic clinical presentation, especially the appearance of muscle symptoms, is quite unique in children carrying the mtA8344G mutation. The diagnosis of MERRF syndrome is seldom made in the pediatric age. Fatigue is a common finding in children of pubertal age. Fatigue in combination with recurrent resting muscle pain occurs frequently in the(More)
— We analyze the behavior of FRODO, a second generation service discovery protocol, in response to message loss in the network. First generation protocols, like UPnP and Jini rely on underlying network layers to enhance their failure recovery. A comparison with UPnP and Jini shows that FRODO performs more efficiently in maintaining consistency, with shorter(More)
Cardiac zygomycosis can be a critical condition with sudden onset of severe congestive heart failure followed by severe hemodynamic deterioration. We report a fatal course of disseminated fungal infection with a massive intra-atrial thrombosis caused by a zygomycete, in a five year old boy treated for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. In addition, we discuss(More)
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