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The human IMPs (insulin-like growth factor II mRNA-binding proteins) belong to a vertebrate zipcode-binding protein family consisting of two RNA recognition motifs and four K homology domains and have been implicated in cytoplasmic mRNA localization, turnover and translational control. In the present study, we show that IMP1 is capable of translocating into(More)
Plasma membranes isolated from two immunogenic, non-cross-protecting, MC sarcomas were shown to retain the specific rejection antigens of whole cells as well as serologically detected H-2 antigens. Solubilization of the membranes with sodium deoxycholate gave quantitative release of H-2 and retained the rejection specificity of the tumour from which it was(More)
Valosin-containing protein, VCP/p97 or Cdc48, is a eukaryotic ATPase involved in membrane fusion, protein transport, and protein degradation. We describe two proteins, Ubx2 and Ubx3, which interact with Cdc48 in fission yeast. Ubx3 is the ortholog of p47/Shp1, a previously described Cdc48 cofactor involved in membrane fusion, whereas Ubx2 is a novel(More)
The IGF-II mRNA-binding proteins (IMPs), which are composed of two RNA recognition motifs, (RRM) and four hnRNP K homology (KH) domains, have been implicated in subcytoplasmic localization of mRNAs during embryogenesis. The IMP family originated via two gene duplications before the divergence of vertebrates, and IMP homologues consisting of only the four KH(More)
Opioid activities of human beta-casomorphin-4, -5, -7 and -8 and, for comparison, of the corresponding bovine beta-casomorphins were studied in the guinea-pig ileum preparation. Binding parameters, i.e. KD-values and binding site concentrations, for the interaction of human and bovine beta-casomorphins with opioid receptors in rat brain homogenates were(More)
In various studies, the milk has been screened for the presence of free or precursor-bound opioids. In fact, various opioid receptor ligands with agonistic or even antagonistic activity were found. Besides the alkaloid morphine, peptides derived from alpha-casein (alpha-casein exorphins), beta-casein (beta-casomorphins; beta-casorphin), alpha-lactalbumin(More)
A method for the extraction of human beta-casomorphin-8 immunoreactive material from human plasma and a radioimmunoassay for its determination in the plasma extracts were developed. Blood was collected from 34 men, from 35 non-pregnant women, from 35 pregnant women and from 138 women after delivery and plasma extracts were assayed for the presence of human(More)
beta-Casomorphins (beta-CMs) derived from milk beta-casein may exert various opiate activities in milk-fed infants. To assess the physiological significance of beta-CMs as a source of circulating opioids in infants, we measured absorption rates of several beta-CMs under near-physiological conditions using in situ autoperfused lamb intestine. The naturally(More)