Gretchen T Goldman

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Previous studies of the adult vomeronasal system have shown that vomeronasal receptor neurons in the middle layer (expressing Gi alpha 2) and deep layers (expressing Go alpha) of the sensory epithelium project to the anterior and posterior parts of the accessory olfactory bulb (AOB), respectively. In the present study, the development of the two populations(More)
W ith the new Donald J. Trump Administration comes uncertainty in the role that science will play in the U.S. federal government. Early indications that the Administration plans to distort or disregard science and evidence, coupled with the chaos and confusion occurring within federal agencies, now imperil the effectiveness of our government. Evidence from(More)
T here is a growing and troubling assault on using credible scientific knowledge in U.S. government regulation that will put science and democracy at risk if unchecked. We present five examples, and the false premises on which they are based, of current attempts in the U.S. Congress in the supposed pursuit of transparency and accountability but at the(More)
Government agencies faced with politically controversial decisions often discount or ignore scientific information, whether from agency staff or nongovernmental scientists. Recent developments in scientific integrity (the ability to perform, use, communicate, and publish science free from censorship or political interference) in Canada, Australia, and the(More)
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