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To understand the possible mechanisms of transmission of Aujeszky's disease virus (pseudorabies or PRV) from a feral pig reservoir, intranasal infections were initiated in domestic pigs and in pigs from a herd derived from captured feral pigs. Virus strains originating from feral pigs and from domestic pigs were compared. Similar shedding patterns were(More)
To examine effects of pseudorabies virus (PrV) on immune cells, we investigated the ability of PrV to infect and replicate in porcine peripheral blood leukocytes (PBLs). Flow cytometric analysis revealed a leukopenia after challenge, with loss of 40% of circulating monocytes and 50% of circulating lymphocytes. Virus was isolated from PBLs of challenged pigs(More)
We examined the relation between maternal smoking and adverse infant outcomes [low birth weight (LBW), and preterm birth (PTB)] during 2007–2008 in San Bernardino County, California—the largest county in the contiguous United States which has one of the highest rates of infant mortality in California. Using birth certificate data, we identified 1,430(More)
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