Gretchen A. Cress

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OBJECTIVE Because blood loss attributable to laboratory testing is the primary cause of anemia among preterm infants during the first weeks of life, we quantified blood lost attributable to phlebotomy overdraw, ie, excess that might be avoided. We hypothesized that phlebotomy overdraw in excess of that requested by the hospital laboratory was a common(More)
BACKGROUND Anemia, a common condition among critically ill premature infants, is affected by red blood cell (RBC) survival (RCS). We hypothesized that transfused allogeneic Kidd antigen-mismatched RBCs would demonstrate the same concurrent RCS tracking as RBCs multilabeled at separate, discrete low densities with biotin (BioRBCs). METHODS Allogeneic RBCs(More)
BACKGROUND Study of the pathophysiology and treatment of anemia of prematurity is facilitated by direct measurement of red cell volume (RCV) utilizing microliter quantities of blood samples. Our objective was to compare concurrent measurements of multiple direct RCV methods in infants. METHODS Eighteen preterm infants receiving clinically indicated(More)
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