Greta Ström

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The total number of airborne micro-organisms collected on Nuclepore filters was determined by acridine orange staining and epifluorescence microscopy. The viable fraction of the total numbers varied significantly when actinomycete and fungal spores from different environments were stored on the filter surface for 1 week, although the microflora composition(More)
As a part of a worldwide investigation on the prevalence of respiratory symptoms, we have performed a study on the relationship between the indoor environment and asthma-like symptoms in the population of a central Swedish municipality. The study comprised 88 individuals, aged 20-45 years who underwent a structured interview, spirometry, a methacholine(More)
The paper discusses a method developed for determining airborne fungi particles in environments highly contaminated with mold fungi. The collection of airborne fungi was performed with two slit samplers. These sampling devices were found to give the highest values out of the three different types tested simultaneously. After spores had been collected with(More)
A positive relationship was demonstrated between the blood pressure and the fibre composition of the vastus muscle at rest in 17 hypertensive and 17 age- and sex-matched normotensive subjects. The hypertensive group had a higher proportion of fast twitch (FT) fibres (p less than 0.1). The circulatory response was measured during isometric exercise (IE) and(More)
Scanning electron microscopy (SEM), light microscopy (LM), epifluorescence microscopy (FM), and culture were used to assess catches of microorganisms in parallel air samples on membrane filters from heavily contaminated working environments that differed in the relative abundance of bacteria, actinomycetes, and fungal spores. Except in pig houses, estimates(More)
This study compared tonic and phasic cardiovascular and electrodermal activity in subjects having essential arterial hypertension (HT) with that of sex- and age-matched normotensive (NT) controls. Fourteen subjects of each group were subjected to 'sensory intake' (letter identification) and 'rejection' (mental arithmetic) tasks while recordings were made(More)
The use of beta-adrenoceptor blocking drugs has been thought to impair physical performance. To test this statement, 12 patients with mild to moderate hypertension performed a submaximal exercise test during treatment with placebo and after 3 and 24 months of monotherapy with betaxolol, 20 to 40 mg daily. The resting heart rate and systolic and diastolic(More)