Greta Rosa

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The aim of the present study is to investigate a conventional laser-ultrasonics technique for the determination of intrinsic properties of oxide coatings and their adhesion strength on a metallic substrate. The good agreement between experiments and computations in an epicenter configuration allows determining the longitudinal wave velocity as well as the(More)
The absorption coefficient of CdTe is large enough to assure that all of the visible light is absorbed in a thickness on the order of 1 μm. High efficiency devices are fabricated by using close-spaced sublimation (CSS)-deposited CdTe films with a thickness in the range of 6–8 μm. In order to decrease the thickness of the CdTe film, a novel approach has been(More)
Cu(In,Ga)Se2 (CIGS)/CdS thin-film solar cells have reached, at laboratory scale, an efficiency higher than 22.3%, which is one of the highest efficiencies ever obtained for thin-film solar cells. The research focus has now shifted onto fabrication processes, which have to be easily scalable at an industrial level. For this reason, a process is highlighted(More)
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