Greta Rodríguez-Arroyo

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Enzymatically dissociated flexor digitorum brevis (FDB) and soleus fibres from mouse were used to compare the kinetics of electrically elicited Ca2+ transients of slow and fast skeletal muscle fibres, using the fast Ca2+ dye MagFluo4-AM, at 20–22°C. For FDB two Ca2+ transient morphologies, types I (MT-I, 11 fibres, 19%) and II (MT-II, 47 fibres, 81%), were(More)
The isonymy structure of Buenos Aires was studied based on its surname frequency. Information on 2,552,359 voters of the 28 Buenos Aires districts was used to estimate Lasker's coefficient of relationship by isonymy (R(i)), surname diversity according to Fisher's alpha, the coefficient of consanguinity resulting from random isonymy (F), and Nei's, Lasker's(More)
INTRODUCTION Overweight, obesity and some chronic diseases have become more prevalent recently. It is well known that their causes may be genetic, epigenetic, environmental, or a mixture of these.  OBJECTIVE To analyze the relationship between nine single nucleotide polymorphisms of genes LEP (rs2167270), LDLR (rs885765, rs688, rs5925, rs55903358,(More)
BACKGROUND The Venezuelan population is the product of Native American, African and European admixture. Few admixture studies have been made in Venezuela using short tandem repeats (STRs). AIM The study estimated the contribution of each parental group in two Venezuelan regions: the Northern-Central and the Central-Western Regions. SUBJECTS AND METHODS(More)
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