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This article describes the education portion of an ongoing grant-sponsored education and research project designed to help graduate students in all engineering disciplines learn about the basic ethical principles, rules, and obligations associated with engineering practice in the United States. While the curriculum developed for this project is used for(More)
Often, in classrooms dedicated to preparing ITAs for upcoming teaching responsibilities, teachers face a struggle, constantly trying to balance speaking, listening, and pronunciation, as well as cultural and strategic training. A new textbook, English Communication for International Teaching Assistants, by Gorsuch, Meyers, Pickering, and Griffee (2010), may(More)
____ Reading fluency has been a major concern in reading research and education in English L1 settings for the past three decades. Extensive research has explored various types of instructional methods to develop reading fluency in the hope of improving reading comprehension directly and indirectly as a result. Contrary to the increasingly important role(More)
One challenge for many international teaching assistants (ITAs) is improving their spoken English fluency after arrival in the U.S.A. It may be argued that poor fluency, with its hallmarks of slow speech rate, false starts, and particularly pauses that violate phrasal boundaries, account for the failure of many ITAs to be certified by their institutions to(More)
This paper reports on an ongoing National Science Foundation (NSF)-sponsored research and education project. 1 In recent years, engineering programs in the United States have sought to develop a larger role for professional ethics education in the curriculum. Accreditation requirements have helped facilitate this shift. These requirements have themselves(More)
In the early heyday of ITA education, English as a second language (ESL) educators played a key role in defining three basic learning needs for ITAs: Language, teaching, and culture. Of this model, culture is the most broadly defined and least developed component. It was predicted by some, apparently on the basis of nationality, that ITAs would have trouble(More)
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