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We examine in this paper the evolution of gender gaps in labor market outcomes during structural adjustment and explore the extent to which widening gaps can be attributed to women's more limited geographical mobility. Using comparable household surveys carried out in 1988 and 1998we show that gender gaps in access to wage and salary employment and in(More)
Although there are effective treatments for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), many PTSD sufferers wait years to decades before seeking professional help, if they seek it at all. An understanding of factors affecting treatment initiation for PTSD can inform strategies to promote help-seeking. We conducted a qualitative study to identify determinants of(More)
Although research shows that caring for a family member with chronic disease or disability can cause significant distress for caregivers, it also shows that families that function well and adequately support patients can improve the quality of life and health outcomes for their ill or disabled family member. Currently, little knowledge exists about how(More)
Unpaid caregiving performed by family members for dependents is often overlooked in research and policies on development processes and outcomes. This article presents a framework for understanding the determinants and effects of caregiving for caregivers, organized into three levels: at the micro-level, individual care recipient and caregiver(More)
Veterans who survive multiple traumatic injuries, including traumatic brain injuries (TBI), must often rely on family caregivers for ongoing care and support with reintegration. Understanding factors associated with caregiving that help or harm caregivers' health is critical for identifying appropriate and effective interventions that support caregiver(More)
This was a hypothesis-generating exploration of relationships between caregiver training during TBI/polytrauma rehabilitation and caregiver mental health. In this cross-sectional study, 507 informal caregivers to US service members with TBI who received inpatient rehabilitation care in a Veterans Affairs' Polytrauma Rehabilitation Center from 2001 to 2009(More)
Overview This class is designed to introduce students to qualitative research design, data collection, and analysis. It provides students with first-hand experience in designing, gathering and analyzing qualitative data. The course is an introduction because one semester is insufficient time to design and conduct a full study, or to fully master the various(More)
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