Greory C. Phillips

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Considerable progress has been accomplished in the cellular and molecular biology of Brassica species in the past few years. Plant regeneration has been increasingly optimized via organogenesis and somatic embryogenesis using various explants; with tissue culture improvements focusing on factors such as age of the explant, genotype, and media additives. The(More)
The expression of lipoxygenases (LOXs) is known to be developmentally regulated in soybeans (Glycine max. [L.] Merr.). Hormones have been firmly established as being involved in the growth and developmental processes of a number of plant species. Correlation between the expression of LOXs and the development and germination of soybean embryos suggests that(More)
Normative data for the Personal Report of Confidence as a Speaker (PRCS; Paul, 1966), a measure of public-speaking anxiety, were collected by administering the PRCS to 1109 college students. PRCS scores were examined in relation to gender, race, age, and grade-point average. No significant between-group differences were found. The findings indicate that(More)
Androgenesis occurred from chile pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) anthers incubated in a continuous warm environment (29° C) with continuous light. Forty plantes and embryoids were retrieved from anther cultures and anllyzed for isozyme markers. Of these, 35 exhibited a single allele for markers suggesting microspore origin, while 5 were heterozygous indicating(More)
Shoot meristem tissues of alfalfa, Medicago sativa L., were found by high performance liquid chromatography analyses to contain the uncommon polyamines, norspermidine and norspermine. The chemical structures of norspermidine and norspermine, purified from alfalfa, were confirmed by comparison of mass spectra with those from authentic standards. The(More)
Research has indicated that performance on heartbeat counting tasks may be influenced by beliefs about heart rate. Sixty male subjects were administered the Schandry heartbeat counting task after viewing fast, slow, or no heart rate feedback. Subjects were also administered the Whitehead signal-detection type task. Results indicated that subjects who(More)
While the cardiovascular effects of endotoxin include myocardial depression, presumably due to circulating myocardial depressant substances, endotoxin itself is supposed to have no direct effect on the heart. In these experiments, we compared the direct effects of endotoxin on the contractile response of feline papillary muscle to calcium with that seen(More)
The capacitative properties of the major left coronary arteries, left main (LM), left anterior descending (LAD), and left circumflex (LCX), were studied in 19 open-chest isolated dog hearts. Capacitance was determined by using ramp perfusion and a left ventricular-to-coronary shunt diastolic decay method; both methods gave similar results, indicating a(More)
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