Greice Berton

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Stimulation of adherent human neutrophils (PMN) with tumor necrosis factor (TNF) triggers protein tyrosine phosphorylation (Fuortes, M., W. W. Jin, and C. Nathan. 1993. J. Cell Biol. 120:777-784). We investigated the dependence of this response on beta 2 integrins by using PMN isolated from a leukocyte adhesion deficiency (LAD) patient, which do not express(More)
Cross-linking of the neutrophil-beta 2- or beta 3-related leukocyte response integrins by extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins or monoclonal antibodies (mAb) stimulates cytoskeletal rearrangement leading to cell spreading and respiratory burst. Tyrosin phosphorylation of a variety of proteins and activation of the Src family kinases within polymorphonuclear(More)
To address the question whether leukocyte integrins are able to generate signals activating neutrophil functions, we investigated the capability of mAbs against the common beta chain (CD18), or the distinct alpha chains of CR3, LFA-1, or gp150/95, to activate neutrophil respiratory burst. These investigations were performed with mAbs bound to protein A(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies have associated chronic pelvic pain with a stereotyped pattern of movement and posture, lack of normal body sensations, a characteristic pain distribution. We aimed at evaluating if these postural changes are detectable in baropodometry results in patients with chronic pelvic pain. METHODS We performed a prospective study in a(More)
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