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The metalinguistic benefits of limited contact with a second language
This study examined whether the often-reported metalinguistic benefits of childhood bilingualism extend to children whose experience with a second language is considerably more limited, and if so,Expand
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Parsing of algebraic expressions by experienced users of mathematics
The present study investigates how experienced users of mathematics parse algebraic expressions. The main issues examined are the order in which the symbols in an expression are scanned and theExpand
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Constituent Structure in Mathematical Expressions
We extend our understanding of how humans perceive algebraic equations in two ways. Expand
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Perceiving structure in mathematical expressions
We examined if mathematical syntax plays a role in how mathematicians encode algebraic equations, or just a simple memory strategy is used. Expand
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Multiple session masked priming: individual differences in orthographic neighbourhood effects
Multiple Session Masked Priming: Individual differences in orthographic neighbourhood effects Claire J. Byrne (Claire.Byrne@med.monash.edu.au) Department of Psychology, School of Psychology,Expand