Gregory W. Baxter

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Nondestructive images of refractive-index variation within a type I fiber Bragg grating have been recorded by the differential interference contrast imaging technique. The images reveal detailed structure within the fiber core that is consistent with the formation of Talbot planes in the diffraction pattern behind the phase mask that had been used to(More)
A study of the mechanisms responsible for the infra-red to near infra-red up-conversion in thulium doped silica fibres is presented. Up-conversion luminescence was observed from the H4 level of Tm under 1586 nm pumping into the F4 level. The quadratic dependence of the up-conversion luminescence at 800 nm on the 1800 nm luminescence from the F4 level(More)
An investigation has been carried out into the fluorescence spectral characteristics of several types of Er 3+ doped photosensitive fibers to explore the effects of both high temperature annealing and the level of UV exposure used in the grating fabrication. The phenomenon of spectral narrowing at high temperatures was found with these different Er 3+ doped(More)
In this paper we demonstrate the application of two microscopic imaging techniques, Raman Fluorescence Intensity Confocal Optical Microscopy and Nano-Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy (NanoSIMS), to the determination of the relative erbium ion distribution in optical fibers. We also employ Quantitative Phase Microscopy (QPM) for the acquisition of the(More)
Summary An algorithm to determine the barycentre of the signal received from a fluorescence-based fibre optic sensor probe has been implemented for the intrinsic characterisation of the fluorescence spectra of a pH sensor using coumarin dyes. Keywords; pH, Intrinsic, Fluorescence, Barycentre, Optical fibre
We present a method for obtaining quantitative three-dimensional reconstructions of the refractive index distribution of optical fibres and grating structures. We confirm that the reconstructed refractive index is in agreement with the known properties of the sample.