Gregory Vorontsov

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Lifemapper ( is a predictive electronic atlas of the Earth’s biological biodiversity. Using a screensaver version of the GARP genetic algorithm for modeling species distributions, Lifemapper harnesses vast computing resources through ’volunteers’ PCs similar to SETI@home, to develop models of the distribution of the worlds fauna(More)
The authors analysed the unpublished medical documentation from the depositories of the Russian State Historical Archive (RSHA) containing materials that shed light on the circumstances around the death of Emperor Nikolas I of Russia. They put forward arguments in support of the proposition that the Emperor died from post-influenza pneumonia and dismiss the(More)
The objective of the present study was to summarize the results of many year investigations on the application of forensic medical methods and experience for the reconstruction of historical events including identification of the ancient Russian saints' hallows and statesmen's remains, elucidation of the genuine causes of death of the members of the Russian(More)
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