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Socrates, Ironist And Moral Philosopher
List of additional notes Introduction 1. Socratic irony 2. Socrates contra Socrates in Plato 3. The evidence of Aristotle and Xenophon 4. Elenchus and mathematics 5. Does Socrates cheat? 6. SocraticExpand
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The Socratic Elenchus
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The route of Parmenides
In this careful study of the fragments of Parmenides' hexameter poem, On Nature, Alexander P. D. Mourelatos combines traditional philological reconstruction with the approaches of literary criticismExpand
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Socrates’ Disavowal of Knowledge
Lorsque Socrate fait profession d'ignorance, que veut-il dire? Pour repondre a cette question, l'A. examine les differents emplois par Socrate des termes signifiant le connaitre et la connaissance.
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I. The Historical Socrates and Athenian Democracy
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Ludwig Wittgenstein: A Memoir
This moving and authoritative portrait of Ludwig Wittgenstein--one of the most powerful influences on contemporary philosophy--treats Wittgenstein the man, his unusual teaching methods, and his modesExpand
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Plato's universe
A distinguished Platonic scholar discusses the impact of the Greek discovery of the "cosmos" on man's perception of his place in the universe, describes the problems this posed, and interpretsExpand
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