Gregory Vert

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K-means is a popular clustering algorithm that requires a huge initial set to start the clustering. K-means is an unsupervised clustering method which does not guarantee convergence. Numerous improvements to K-means have been done to make its performance better. Expectation Maximization is a statistical technique for maximum likelihood estimation using(More)
In this paper, we introduce a new paradigm for global computation, one in which the context of collected information drives the type of processing and dissemination the information receives as it is dispersed around the world. The creation of this model has necessitated the development of new types of methods for securing contextual information because the(More)
INFIR (Interactive Fingerprint Recognition) is an interactive fingerprint recognition and visualization tool. The tool is designed to cope with the problems related to automated and manual methods of matching. Interactive techniques involving automated fingerprint recognition can be used along with human intervention. The users of the system can visually(More)