Gregory Vert

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-K-means is a popular clustering algorithm that requires a huge initial set to start the clustering. K-means is an unsupervised clustering method which does not guarantee convergence. Numerous improvements to K-means have been done to make its performance better. Expectation Maximization is a statistical technique for maximum likelihood estimation using(More)
Current work in modeling has focused on fuzziness as it applies to single entities. An application of fuzzy theory may be made to managing data sets and collections, thus treating the data sets as collection of fuzzy objects. The application of fuzzy theory to management of sets creates has not been fully explored. In the area of Geospatial Information(More)
DNA matching is a crucial step in sequence alignment. Since sequence alignment is an approximate matching process there is a need for good approximate algorithms. The process of matching in sequence alignment is generally finding longest common subsequences. However, finding a longest common subsequence may not be the best solution for either a database(More)
A fuzzy entity relationship diagram (ERD) data model for managing information about sets of related data files was converted to an object design. To do this, we developed new methods incorporating object model flattening, entity payload data containerization, and a nonintegrated object model design to allow expression of fuzziness.
The major concern for a computer system is its security and integrity. It is necessary to check the security level of your system and keep it updated. This can be best achieved by using a metric system. At present, there is no standard metric to measure the integrity and security of a computer system. Defining a standard metric that suits all the systems is(More)
Wireless ad-hoc networks do not rely on a pre-existing network structure and are characterized by dynamic changes in the topology. This characteristic makes it difficult to perform the intrusion detection in such networks. The problem gets more complicated with the topological changes in determining whether the node participating in the network transmission(More)