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In March 2006, a joint workshop was organized by the European Commission and the Confederation of EU Food and Drink Industries (CIAA) to discuss current knowledge and achievements in the reduction of acrylamide levels. This paper focuses on the progress made with cereal products. At present, the reduction options available are applicable to a limited number(More)
The effect of a warming climate on hailstorm frequency and intensity is largely unknown. Global climate models have too coarse resolution to simulate hailstorms explicitly; thus it is unclear if a warmer climate will change hailstorm frequency and intensity, and if so, whether such events will become more likely through intensified thunderstorms or less(More)
Nonlinear least squares fitting was used to assign rate constants for the three-barrier, two-site, double-occupancy, single-filing kinetic model for previously reported current-voltage relations of (5F-Indole)Trp(13) gramicidin A and gramicidin A channels (, 75:2830-2844). By judicious coupling of parameters, it was possible to reduce the parameter space(More)
A layered, basic igneous intrusion, analogous in mineralogy and texture to certain large, continental layered complexes, is exposed in the Romanche Fracture, equatorial Atlantic Ocean. Crustal intrusion of large masses of basic magmas with their subsequent gravity differentiation is probably one of a number of major processes involved in the formation of(More)
Tracheobronchopathia osteochondroplastica is a rare disorder characterized by cartilaginous or ossified submucosal nodules that project into the tracheobronchial lumen. It is typically discovered in the evaluation of chronic upper respiratory symptoms. A case of a completely asymptomatic man diagnosed with extensive disease throughout his upper airway after(More)
Research: Shape memory alloys (SMA) are a unique class of materials which can recover deformation induced at some lower temperature by heating through a given transformation temperature. This deformation recovery can act as a source of work by having the material recover against an applied load and act as compact, low profile, solid‐state actuator. To date,(More)
T his report could not have been prepared without the help of many individuals. Special thanks go to Robert E. Shepherd, Jr., who as Co-Chair of the Annual Report Committee deftly provided oversight and guided the committee through the editorial process. Members of the committee, who volun­ teered both their expertise and time, include Special thanks also(More)
Hole-punch and canal clouds have been observed for more than 50 years, but the mechanisms of formation, development, duration, and thus the extent of their effect have largely been ignored. The holes have been associated with inadvertent seeding of clouds with ice particles generated by aircraft, produced through spontaneous freezing of cloud droplets in(More)