Gregory Stricker

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Despite considerable interest in the forces shaping the relationship between brain size and cognitive abilities, it remains controversial whether larger-brained animals are, indeed, better problem-solvers. Recently, several comparative studies have revealed correlations between brain size and traits thought to require advanced cognitive abilities, such as(More)
Theoretically intelligence should evolve to help animals solve specific types of problems posed by the environment, but it remains unclear how environmental complexity or novelty facilitates the evolutionary enhancement of cognitive abilities, or whether domain-general intelligence can evolve in response to domain-specific selection pressures. The social(More)
The differential effect of two diets, taken in synchrony with the menstrual cycles for 2 wk each, on serum and bile lipids was investigated in young healthy women. The "normal" diet was high in cholesterol and total fat, and low in polyunsaturated fat and fiber; the "prudent" diet contained a high proportion of polyunsaturated fat and fiber, but was low in(More)
Besides their antimicrobial activity antibiotics can modulate immune response. The paper provides original data about in vitro and in vivo influence of antibiotics on lymphocyte transformation test (LTT) and gives a comprehensive overview of literature data. In the study presented here the influence of several antimicrobial substances on unstimulated and(More)
The clinical features and renal histology of twelve chinldren who developed nephrotic syndrome in the first year of life were studied. Six suffered from microcystic disease and six from primary mesangial cell proliferation and/or sclerosis. A consistent family history, premature birth, large placenta pressence of other congenital abnormalities, onset in the(More)
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