Gregory Schreiner

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Male and female Wistar rats exposed to methylmercury chloride prenatally via drinking water (1.5 and 5.0 mg/l) were tested in a microcomputer-directed learning task (visual discrimination reversal) at the age of two months. Differences were observed between control and high dose group for several parameters, the most obvious being an increase in passiveness(More)
Five laboratories collaborated in the evaluation of detection limits of different testing concepts in behavioral teratology. In one laboratory, rat dams were treated by gavage with five doses of methylmercury (0.0, 0.25, 0.05, 0.5, and 5.0 mg/kg/day). The treatment period was restricted to days 6 to 9 of gestation. The usual reproduction parameters were(More)
Three laboratories collaborated to evaluate and compare different test concepts to be used for routine testing in behavioral teratology. Rat dams were treated orally with methylmercury starting two weeks prior to pairing until weaning of their offspring. In the first laboratory, the usual reproduction parameters were assessed in the dams, and all offspring(More)
Immunoreactive thromboxane B2 (i-TXB2) was measured in daily urine samples from twelve patients after renal transplantation. In 21 of 30 rejection episodes, the increase in i-TXB2 preceded both the increase in serum beta 2-microglobulin (beta 2-MG) and the clinical diagnosis of rejection. In 26 of 30 rejection episodes, the increase in urine i-TXB2 preceded(More)
Unexplained proximal muscle weakness developed in 10 patients on chronic maintenance haemodialysis. Proximal muscle biopsy in 7 patients disclosed iron deposition in muscle fibres and/or macrophages. All 10 patients had severe iron overload (serum-ferritin level > 1000 ng/ml). Since HLA-A3, B7, and B14 antigens are associated with idiopathic(More)
EXPLANATION These Guidelines for Determining Significance for Wildland Fire and Fire Protection and information presented herein shall be used by County staff for the review of discretionary projects and environmental documents pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). These Guidelines present a range of quantitative, qualitative, and(More)
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