Gregory S. Yovanof

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Preprocessing of image and video sequences with spatial filtering techniques usually improves the image quality and compressibility. We present a block-based, nonlinear filtering algorithm based on singular value decomposition and compression-based filtering. Experiments show that the proposed filter preserves edge details and can significantly improve the(More)
This paper presents a novel implementation of a patient fall detection system that may be used for patient activity recognition and emergency treatment. Sensors equipped with accelerometers are attached on the body of the patients and transmit patient movement data wirelessly to the monitoring unit. The methodology of support Vector Machines is used for(More)
The digital revolution that has been taking place for the past two decades propelled by major breakthroughs in the ICT field has changed the way we communicate, work, travel, live—and even the way we use public space. Our cities are increasingly moving from a collection of static buildings and infrastructures to dynamic and evolving smart ecosystems known(More)
In the recent years, wireless networks have experienced an enormous growth which has given rise to new research challenges. Ad hoc networks are composed of autonomous nodes that are independent of any fixed infrastructure. Mobile ad hoc networks have a fully decentralized topology and they are dynamically changing. Besides these challenges, the wireless(More)
Context aware, personalized services can give users equipped with mobile devices targeted and timely information in a seamless way. This paper presents the design and implementation of a low cost, personalized and location based shopping advertisement service for mobile users. The service is intended to run over WiFi connections between an AP located in a(More)
Although individual node cooperation is necessary for the correct execution of network protocols in mobile ad-hoc networks, it is not always guaranteed. Therefore, misbehavior detection and reputation mechanisms need to be implemented in order to reinforce node cooperation. In this paper, we address the issue of detecting non-cooperative behavior during(More)