Gregory S. Yovanof

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Preprocessing of image and video sequences with spatial filtering techniques usually improves the image quality and compressibility. We present a block-based, nonlinear filtering algorithm based on singular value decomposition and compression-based filtering. Experiments show that the proposed filter preserves edge details and can significantly improve the(More)
This paper presents a novel implementation of a patient fall detection system that may be used for patient activity recognition and emergency treatment. Sensors equipped with accelerometers are attached on the body of the patients and transmit patient movement data wirelessly to the monitoring unit. The methodology of support Vector Machines is used for(More)
Since the early 1980s, Open Source Software (OSS) has gained a strong interest and an increased acceptance in the software industry that has to date initiated a " paradigm shift " (O'Reilly, 2004). The Open Source paradigm has introduced wholly new means of software development and distribution, creating a significant impact on the evolution of numerous(More)