Gregory S. Richmond

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Blastocystis is a unicellular stramenopile of controversial pathogenicity in humans. Although it is a strict anaerobe, Blastocystis has mitochondrion-like organelles with cristae, a transmembrane potential and DNA. An apparent lack of several typical mitochondrial pathways has led some to suggest that these organelles might be hydrogenosomes, anaerobic(More)
p58cdc2L1, a protein kinase implicated in apoptotic signaling, is one of eight separate kinases encoded by three tandemly duplicated and linked genes, which we have termed PITSLRE A, B and C. One allele of this complex on chromosome 1 was either deleted or translocated in each of 18 neuroblastoma cell lines with cytogenetically apparent 1p alterations. A(More)
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