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Flow between concentric cylinders with a rotating inner cylinder is studied for Reynolds numbers in the range 2x10(3)<R<10(6) (Taylor Reynolds numbers, 10 < R(lambda)< 290) for a system with radius ratio eta=0.724. Even at the highest Reynolds number studied, the energy spectra do not show power law scaling (i.e., there is no inertial range), and the(More)
Sheep are among the major economically important livestock species worldwide because the animals produce milk, wool, skin, and meat. In the present study, the Illumina OvineSNP50 BeadChip was used to investigate genetic diversity and genome selection among Suffolk, Rambouillet, Columbia, Polypay, and Targhee sheep breeds from the United States. After(More)
The rhadinovirus Ovine herpesvirus 2 (OvHV-2) is the causative agent of sheep-associated malignant catarrhal fever. OvHV-2 primarily affects ruminants and has a worldwide distribution. In this study, a composite sequence of OvHV-2 genomic DNA isolated from nasal secretions of sheep experiencing virus-shedding episodes was determined and compared with the(More)
Visna/Maedi, or ovine progressive pneumonia (OPP) as it is known in the United States, is an incurable slow-acting disease of sheep caused by persistent lentivirus infection. This disease affects multiple tissues, including those of the respiratory and central nervous systems. Our aim was to identify ovine genetic risk factors for lentivirus infection.(More)
The locations of the joint axes of the ankle complex vary considerably between subjects, yet no noninvasive method with demonstrated accuracy exists for locating these axes. The moments of muscle and ground reaction forces about the joint axes are dependent on axis locations, making knowledge of these locations critical to accurate musculoskeletal modeling(More)
We investigate probability density functions of velocity differences at different distances r measured in a Couette-Taylor flow for a range of Reynolds numbers Re. There is good agreement with the predictions of a theoretical model based on nonextensive statistical mechanics (where the entropies are nonadditive for independent subsystems). We extract the(More)
The objectives for this study were to 1) determine the relationship between sexual performance class and lambs sired in a competitive mating environment, and 2) determine whether the male-oriented ram test is valid. Fifteen 2- to 3-yr-old whitefaced rams classified as female-oriented, with high or low sexual performance, or classified as male-oriented were(More)
BACKGROUND Like human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), ovine lentivirus (OvLV) is macrophage-tropic and causes lifelong infection. OvLV infects one quarter of U.S. sheep and induces pneumonia and body condition wasting. There is no vaccine to prevent OvLV infection and no cost-effective treatment for infected animals. However, breed differences in prevalence(More)
Connexin 43 (Cx43) is the most abundant gap junction protein in bone and is required for osteoblastic differentiation and bone homeostasis. During fracture healing, Cx43 is abundantly expressed in osteoblasts and osteocytes, while Cx43 deficiency impairs bone formation and healing. In the present study we selectively deleted Cx43 in the osteoblastic lineage(More)
The accuracy of an algorithm for the automated tracking of tendon excursion from ultrasound images was tested in three experiments. Because the automated method could not be tested against direct measurements of tendon excursion in vivo, an indirect validation procedure was employed. In one experiment, a wire "phantom" was moved a known distance across the(More)