Gregory S Davis

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Women experience a decline in fertility that precedes the menopause by several years. Previous studies have demonstrated a monotropic rise in FSH associated with reproductive aging: however, the mechanism of this rise and its role in the aging process are poorly understood. The purpose of this study was to characterize ovarian follicular development and(More)
A protocol for the adrenocorticotropic (ACTH) stimulation test in American black ducks (Anas rubripes) was established with synthetic ACTH, cosyntropin (Cortrosyn); ACTH stimulation testing was conducted on 31 adult ducks (14 males, 17 females) in September 1993. Plasma corticosterone concentrations were measured on heparinized blood samples collected 30(More)
DeKalb XL chicks were given a beak trim at 6 d of age (6DP) with a 2.8-mm gauge and a beak trim at 11 wk (11WB) with a block cut approximately 2 mm anterior to the nasal openings. Corticosterone (CS) levels of the 6DP treatment were (P < or = 0.01) elevated above nontrimmed CS levels at 2 h posttrim; and BW and feed consumption (FC) of the 6DP were(More)
Two commercial strains of Single Comb White Leghorn hens, HyLine W-36 and DeKalb XL, were reared separately as pullet flocks in an enclosed, environmentally controlled brood-grow house with three banks of quad-deck cages (310 cm2 per bird). There were 1,800 hens of each strain, which were divided into two groups, control feed and a direct-fed microbial(More)
Four commercial table egg genetic stocks consisting of the Ottawa Control Strains 5, 7, and 10 (CS5, CS7, and CS10) and the 1993 H&N "Nick Chick" (CCS) were housed in the same environment and compared for production characteristics. These birds were housed in an environmentally controlled laying facility with trideck cages. Feed consumption, egg production,(More)
OBJECTIVES To add to the knowledge base concerning confined placental mosaicism for trisomy 2. METHODS Cytogenetic study of a late CVS referred for hyperechogenic bowel and raised AFP, and cytogenetic and molecular genetic study of a follow-up amniocentesis. Ultrasound monitoring at regular intervals following the CVS result. RESULTS All cells examined(More)
In each of two trials, plasma corticosterone (B) was measured in Large White turkey tom poults after the following treatments were applied: 1) .9% saline injected; 2) cold water immersion, and 3) adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) injected (10 IU/kg body weight). Poults were treated at 3- to 4-day intervals from the day of hatching to 21 days of age. Plasma(More)
Two commercial strains of 18-wk-old Single Comb White Leghorn (SCWL) hens, HyLine W-36 and DeKalb XL, were housed six hens per cage in layer cages at two densities (361 and 482 cm2 per bird) with two replications each per strain and density combination. The high density treatment contained 24 hens per replication, and the low density treatment contained 18(More)
Two trials were conducted with turkey poults to examine the ontogeny of daily rhythmicity of plasma corticosterone (CS), and to determine the plasma CS response to adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) injections and temperature stress at different times during a light-dark cycle. In Trial 1, CS levels were determined at 3-h intervals over a 24-h period in 3,(More)
Two commercial strains, Hy-Line W-36 and DeKalb XL, were moved to a laying house at 18 wk of age. They were housed 6 hens/layer cage at 2 densities (361 and 482 cm2/bird) with 2 replications each per strain/density combination. The high-density treatment contained 24 hens/replication and the low-density treatment contained 18 hens/replication for a total of(More)