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The Climate Forecast System (CFS), the fully coupled ocean-land-atmosphere dynamical seasonal prediction system that became operational at NCEP in August 2004, is described and evaluated in this paper. The CFS provides important advances in operational seasonal prediction on a number of fronts. For the first time in the history of U.S. operational seasonal(More)
We have cloned and sequenced DNA from Escherichia coli that, when present in a high-copy-number plasmid, confers resistance to the diketopiperazine antibiotic, bicyclomycin (Bc). The DNA includes a 378-amino-acid open reading frame (ORF), disruption of which results in the loss of Bc resistance. This ORF contains the BcR gene. Studies using the minicell(More)
We report a Li-Fraumeni syndrome family in which we have detected a splice acceptor mutation in intron 3 of TP53. The mutation affects one of the invariant residues at the splice acceptor site, as a result of which two aberrant transcripts are produced. A child with Wilms' tumour aged 3 years in this family was shown not to be a mutation carrier.
In the histamine H2-receptor antagonist metiamide (2a) isosteric replacement of thione sulfur (=S) by carbonyl oxygen (=O) or imino nitrogen (=NH) affords the urea 2c and guanidine 2d which are antagonists of decreased potency. The guanidine is very basic and at physiological pH is completely protonated. However, introduction of strongly electronegative(More)
Reductions in skeletal muscle function occur during the course of healthy aging as well as with bed rest or diverse diseases such as cancer, muscular dystrophy, and heart failure. However, there are no accepted pharmacologic therapies to improve impaired skeletal muscle function. Nitric oxide may influence skeletal muscle function through effects on(More)
Sir-In a study of constitutional restriction fragment length polymorphisms at the HRAS1 locus in patients with small cell (SCLC) and non-small cell cancer (NSCLC) of the lung and in a control group we reported earlier differences in the distribution of the common alleles between these three groups (Heighway et al., 1986). The main difference was a relative(More)
High levels of loss of distal markers on 17p13.3 in breast cancer suggested the presence within the region of at least one tumour-suppressor gene. Here we describe the derivation of two biallelic polymorphisms from the 17p telomeric yeast artificial chromosome (YAC) TYAC98. Polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) and(More)
Impromidine (1) is a potent and selective histamine H2 receptor agonist and its structure comprises a strongly basic guanidine group containing two different imidazole-containing side chains. In this paper we report the synthesis of analogues in which both of the side chains and the guanidine group are modified and tested as agonists or antagonists at(More)