Gregory R. Wheeler

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We examine the notion of conditionals and the role of conditionals in inductive logics and arguments. We identify three mistakes commonly made in the study of, or motivation for, non-classical logics. A nonmonotonic consequence relation based on evidential probability is formulated. With respect to this acceptance relation some rules of inference of System(More)
Many philosophers of science have argued that a set of evidence that is "coherent" confirms a hypothesis which explains such coherence. In this paper, we examine the relationships between probabilistic models of all three of these concepts: coherence, confirmation, and explanation. For coherence, we consider Shogenji's measure of association (deviation from(More)
BACKGROUND Vasculitis may cause inflammation in any single or group of blood vessels. Traditionally, giant cell arteritis involves the extracranial branches of the carotid, and Takayasu arteritis affects the aorta and its major branches. These diseases are quite rare, but have the potential to be fatal. OBJECTIVES We describe the spectrum of overlap(More)
This essay presents results about a deviation from independence measure called focused correlation. This measure explicates the formal relationship between probabilistic dependence of an evidence set and the incremental confirmation of a hypothesis, resolves a basic question underlying Peter Klein and Ted Warfield’s ‘truth-conduciveness’ problem for(More)
1 Bern University of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Information Technology, 2501 Biel, Switzerland, e-mail: 2 University of Groningen, Faculty of Philosophy, 9712 GL Groningen, The Netherlands, e-mail: 3 Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Department of Computer Science, 2829-516 Caparica, Portugal, e-mail: 4(More)
Classical modal logics, based on the neighborhood semantics of Scott and Montague, provide a generalization of the familiar normal systems based on Kripke semantics. This paper defines AGM revision operators on several first-order monotonic modal correspondents, where each first-order correspondence language is defined by Marc Pauly’s version of the van(More)
Rabern and Rabern (2008) and Uzquiano (2010) have each presented increasingly harder versions of ‘the hardest logic puzzle ever’ (Boolos 1996), and each has provided a two-­‐question solution to his predecessor’s puzzle. But Uzquiano’s puzzle is different from the original and different from Rabern and Rabern’s in at least one important respect: it cannot(More)
OBJECT The goal of this study was to determine the influence of hydrocephalus on intelligence quotient (IQ) in children with infratentorial ependymoma before and after the administration of focal radiation. METHODS Measurements of ventricular size, including Evans index (EI), cella media index (CMI), frontal horn diameter (FHD), and ventricular angle,(More)
One goal of normative multi-agent system theory is to formulate principles for normative system change that maintain the rule-like structure of norms and preserve links between norms and individual agent obligations. A central question raised by this problem is whether there is a framework for norm change that is at once specific enough to capture this(More)