Gregory R. Warnes

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The potential to use Schwann cells (SCs) in neural repair for patients suffering from neurotrauma and neurodegenerative diseases is well recognized. However, significant cell death after transplantation hinders the clinical translation of SC-based therapies. Various factors may contribute to the death of transplanted cells. It is known that prolonged(More)
Hydra is an open-source, platform-neutral library for performing Markov Chain Monte Carlo. It implements the logic of standard MCMC samplers within a framework designed to be easy to use and to extend while allowing integration with other software tools. In this paper, we describe the problem that motivated our work, outline our goals for the Hydra project,(More)
Abnormal Sonic Hedgehog signalling leads to increased transcriptional activation of its downstream effector, glioma 2 (GLI2), which is implicated in the pathogenesis of a variety of human cancers. However, the mechanisms underlying the tumorigenic role of GLI2 remain elusive. We demonstrate that overexpression of GLI2-β isoform, which lacks the N-terminal(More)
Viral fitness is one of the most important areas in HIV virology research. Modeling viral fitness poses significant computational challenges which must be solved in order to appropriately design and analyze experimental data. To facilitate the HIV viral fitness research, we have designed a computation and simulation tool, DEDiscover, to deal with both(More)