Gregory R. McArthur

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The history of otosclerosis surgery has been marked by major advances in both surgical technique and instrumentation. Fenestration, stapes mobilization, total stapedectomy, and stapedotomy were important advances in technique. Loupes, binocular microscopy, speculum holders, and microdrills similarly advanced instrumentation. What about fiberoptic argon(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the efficacy of a Salmonella bacterin and a modified live Salmonella ser. Choleraesuis vaccine on a commercial dairy. ANIMALS 450 cows in late gestation and 80 calves. PROCEDURE Group-1 cows (n = 150) were vaccinated once with a modified live S. Choleraesuis (serogroup C1) strain 54 (SC54) vaccine, group-2 cows (150) were vaccinated(More)
User documentation has been around as long as there have been machines reguiring an explanation for their proper use. Instruction sheets, quick reference guides, troubleshooting keys, and owner's manuals are all designed to tell the user, via the written word, what, when, and how to do sanething with a given machine. With the advent of the computing age (or(More)
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