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Geographic interfaces provide natural, scalable visualizations for many digital library collections, but the wide range of data in digital libraries presents some particular problems for identifying and disam-biguating place names. We describe the toponym-disambiguation system in the Perseus digital library and evaluate its performance. Name categorization(More)
This paper evaluates automatic extraction of ten named entity classes from a 19th century newspaper, the Civil War years of the <i>Richmond Times Dispatch</i>, digitized with IMLS support by the University of Richmond. This paper analyzes success with ten categories of entities prominent in these newspapers and the particular problems that these classes of(More)
<italic>Hypertext allows academics to structure and manipulate their ideas in a radically new way, but it should also reinforce traditional scholarly activity. Those designing Hypertext systems that are intended for the general academic market must be careful to support not only new possibilities, but those functions with which academics are already(More)
This paper describes the process of creation and review of a new lexico-semantic resource for the classical studies: AncientGreekWord-Net. The candidate sets of synonyms (synsets) are extracted from Greek-English dictionaries, on the assumption that Greek words translated by the same English word or phrase have a high probability of being synonyms or at(More)