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Lymphoma localized to one organ is known to have a good prognosis. After a study of 131 cases of lymphosarcoma of the stomach Smith and Helwig(3) reported that 42 were in reality a benign lymphoproliferative disorder which has been termed pseudolymphoma of the stomach. Of our series of 12 cases, six are now thought to be pseudolymphoma. Jacobs(7) has(More)
Cervical lymphadenitis may be the result of diverse conditions in a patient. Clinical and epidemiologic information about cervical lymphadenitis can often lead to a presumptive diagnosis and, thus, limit the number of studies required as well as direct the type of initial therapy administered. We report a case of cervical lymphadenitis in a Vietnamese woman(More)
A prospective clinical study involving more than 500 patients was designed to compare the Landé-Edwards membrane oxygenator and the Bentley bubble oxygenator. First, the importance of exposure of blood to the pericardium as the major source of hemolysis during open-heart surgery was confirmed. Because of this finding, we included in this study only those(More)
Mycobacterium szulgai is an unusual pathogen that accounts for less than 1% of all cases of non-tuberculosis mycobacterial infection. Infections with this organism usually involve the lung but may involve soft tissues. Although similar to tuberculosis in its clinical presentation, infection due to M. szulgai requires different management, and it is(More)
Purpose – This paper aims to critically examine through a knowledge management lens the existing ‘‘art’’ of public policy making, suggesting instead an approach intended to improve knowledge processes and reduce unintended injurious consequences of legislating. Design/methodology/approach – Drawing on pragmatic philosophy and limited government precedents,(More)
A 60-year-old white male patient was admitted to the hospital with acute abdominal pain, seemingly a self-limited ileus. He was found to be hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg)-positive. Previous dental treatment was suspected to be the initial source of the infection with hepatitis B virus. Five months later he was re-admitted with a diagnosis of adrenal(More)
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