Gregory Peter Harmer

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—Noise in dynamical systems is usually considered a nuisance. However, in certain nonlinear systems, including electronic circuits and biological sensory systems, the presence of noise can enhance the detection of weak signals. The phenomenon is termed stochastic resonance and is of great interest for electronic instrumentation. We review and investigate(More)
Based on Brownian ratchets, a counterintuitive phenomenon has recently emerged — namely, that two losing games can yield, when combined, a paradoxical tendency to win. A restriction of this phenomenon is that the rules depend on the current capital of the player. Here we present new games where all the rules depend only on the history of the game and not on(More)
The feasibility of thick-film chemical sensors based on various semiconductor metal oxides to reliably detect chemical warfare agents has been studied. Nanocrystalline semiconductor metal oxide (SMO) powders were used as initial materials for the sensors' fabrication. The thick films were prepared using a simple drop-coating technique accompanied with in(More)
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