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a r t i c l e i n f o The quantification of carbon fluxes between the terrestrial biosphere and the atmosphere is of scientific importance and also relevant to climate-policy making. Eddy covariance flux towers provide continuous measurements of ecosystem-level exchange of carbon dioxide spanning diurnal, synoptic, seasonal, and interannual time scales.(More)
Latitudinal patterns of magnitude and interannual variability in net ecosystem exchange regulated by biological and environmental variables" (2009). Abstract Over the last two and half decades, strong evidence showed that the terrestrial ecosystems are acting as a net sink for atmospheric carbon. However the spatial and temporal patterns of variation in the(More)
Fire is a dominant disturbance within many forested ecosystems worldwide. Understanding the complex feedbacks among vegetation as a fuel for fire, the effects of fuels on fire behavior, and the impact of fire behavior on future vegetation are critical for sustaining biodiversity in fire-dependent forests. Nonetheless, understanding in fire ecology has been(More)
This paper describes an industrial robot calibration algorithm called the virtual closed kinematic chain method. Current robot kinematic calibration methods use measurements of position and orientation of the end effector. The accuracy of these measurements is limited by the resolution of the measuring equipment. In the proposed method, a laser pointer(More)
Fire regulates the structure and function of savanna ecosystems, yet we lack understanding of how cyclic fire affects savanna carbon dynamics. Furthermore, it is largely unknown how predicted changes in climate may impact the interaction between fire and carbon cycling in these ecosystems. This study utilizes a novel combination of prescribed fire, eddy(More)
Article history: Available online xxxx Keywords: Biodiversity Carbon sequestration Climate change Ecological services Prescribed fire Wildland fire a b s t r a c t Fire has a profound, though paradoxical influence on landscapes of the southeastern U.S.; it simultaneously maintains native biodiversity and ecosystem processes but also threatens silvicultural(More)
This paper presents an efficient method to grasp an unknown planar object (disk-like object) using a three-fingered Barrett band. First, active contour models are extracted from the images taken by Biclops, a dual camera directed vision system. The centroid of each active contour model is computed, employed in triangulation, and used as an estimate of a 3-D(More)
The factors controlling bud break in two arctic deciduous shrub species, Salix pulchra and Betula nana, were investigated using field observations and growth-chamber studies. A bud-break model was calibrated using a subset of the experimental observations and was used to predict bud break under current and potential future climate regimes. The two species(More)