Gregory P. Scott

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— This paper details some of the various robotics projects which have been inspired by the natural world, and which the authors believe will have an impact on the future of robotic space exploration. This includes both hardware-centric projects such as RiSE, and projects which concentrate more on software and control such as Swarm-bots. The authors outline(More)
It is the mission of this design team to design a viable Mars explorer with biomimetic inspiration, with specific regard to the locomotion system. The vehicle must have the capability to transport a payload that can aid in the search for life on Mars, as well as provide proof of biomimetic methods in physical and control system design.
The reverse engineering of biological organisms has recently become a significant research effort to solve engineering problems by learning from biological solutions to similar problems imposed by the natural environment. Such biological solutions offer insights into alternative strategies for designing engineering systems. Biological systems represent(More)
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