Gregory P Diakun

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The orientational behavior of microtubules assembled in strong magnetic fields has been studied. It is shown that when microtubules are assembled in a magnetic field, they align with their long axis parallel to the magnetic field. The effect of several parameters known to affect the microtubule assembly are investigated with respect to their effect on the(More)
The protein transcription factor IIIA (TFIIIA) is involved in the synthesis of 5S RNA in vitro by RNA polymerase III. It can be isolated from Xenopus laevis oocytes as a 7S particle in which the protein is associated with 5S RNA. Recently it has been shown that the native particle contains 7-11 zinc atoms. Analysis of the amino-acid sequence of TFIIIA(More)
We have studied the self-association reactions of purified GDP-liganded tubulin into double rings and taxoid-induced microtubules, employing synchrotron time-resolved x-ray solution scattering. The experimental scattering profiles have been interpreted by reference to the known scattering profiles to 3 nm resolution and to the low-resolution structures of(More)
The aim of this project is to make it routine to obtain reliable information on protein structure using X-ray crystallography in a high-throughput mode by introducing easy access to all facilities together with automation where appropriate. This will allow the biologist to concentrate on the scientific questions rather than the technical details. The vast(More)
Using the facilities at the Daresbury Synchrotron Radiation Source, meridional diffraction patterns of muscles at ca 8 degrees C were recorded with a time resolution of 2 or 4 ms. In isometric contractions tetanic peak tension (P0) is reached in ca 400 ms. Under such conditions, following stimulation from rest, the timing of changes in the major reflections(More)
Station 9.8 is one of the most oversubscribed and high-throughput stations at the Synchrotron Radiation Source, Daresbury, whereby awarded experimental time is limited, data collections last normally no longer than an hour, user changeover is normally every 24 h, and familiarity with the station systems can be low. Therefore time lost owing to technical(More)
An approximate value of the diamagnetic anisotropy of the tubulin dimer, Δχ dimer, has been determined assuming axial symmetry and that only the α -helices and β -sheets contribute to the anisotropy. Two approaches have been utilized: (a) using the value for the Δχ α for an α -helical peptide bond given by Pauling (1979) and (b) using the previously(More)
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Synchrotron radiation techniques have enabled us to record meridional x-ray diffraction patterns from frog sartorius muscle at resolutions ranging from approximately 2,800 to 38 nm (i.e., overlapping with the optical microscope and the region normally accessible with low angle diffraction cameras). These diffraction patterns represent the transform of the(More)
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