Gregory Nichols

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Ray-traced global illumination (GI) is becoming widespread in production rendering but incoherent secondary ray traversal limits practical rendering to scenes that fit in memory. Incoherent shading also leads to intractable performance with production-scale textures forcing renderers to resort to caching of irradiance, radiosity, and other values to(More)
As path tracing allows for more realistic and faster lighting, an increasing number of movies are created the physically based way. With examples from recent movies, the architectures and novel workflows of the next generation of production renderers are introduced to a wide audience including technical directors, artists, and researchers.
This is a study of the relationship between a continuous performance test and parents' behavioral ratings of attention problems and impulsivity in 45 boys who had been referred to a clinic for learning and behavioral problems. No significant correlations obtained between these two methods of assessment. Perhaps the lack of congruence is due to the(More)
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