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An analysis of cropland mask choice and ancillary data for annual corn yield forecasting using MODIS data
Abstract The Midwestern United States is one of the world’s most important corn-producing regions. Monitoring and forecasting of corn yields in this intensive agricultural region are importantExpand
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Using satellite data to monitor land-use land-cover change in North-eastern Latvia
Land-use and land-cover change (LULCC), especially those caused by human activities, is one of the most important components of global environmental change (Jessen 3rd edition: 1-526 2005). In thisExpand
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Locating suitable habitats for West Nile Virus-infected mosquitoes through association of environmental characteristics with infected mosquito locations: a case study in Shelby County, Tennessee
BackgroundSince its first detection in 2001, West Nile Virus (WNV) poses a significant health risk for residents of Shelby County in Tennessee. This situation forced public health officials to adoptExpand
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Exploring the Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Reservoir Hosts, Vectors, and Human Hosts of West Nile Virus: A Review of the Recent Literature
Over the last two decades West Nile Virus (WNV) has been responsible for significant disease outbreaks in humans and animals in many parts of the World. Its extremely rapid global diffusion arguesExpand
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Comparison of Early Stopping Criteria for Neural-Network-Based Subpixel Classification
A neural-network-based subpixel classification is one of the most commonly used approaches to address spectral mixture problems. Neural-network subpixel-classification performance is directly relatedExpand
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Characterizing major agricultural land change trends in the Western Corn Belt
Abstract In this study we developed annual corn/soybean maps for the Western Corn Belt within the United States using multi-temporal MODIS NDVI products from 2001 to 2015 to support long-termExpand
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Image Classification by Integrating Reject Option and Prior Information
The accuracy in land-cover classification using remotely sensed imagery can be increased using Bayesian methods that incorporate prior probabilities of classes. However, estimating these priorExpand
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