Gregory N. Stock

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The emergence of the extended manufacturing enterprise, a globally dispersed collection of strategically aligned organizations, has brought new attention to how organizations coordinate the flow of information and materials across their w supply chains. This paper explores and develops the concept of enterprise logistics Greis, N.P., Kasarda, J.D., 1997. Ž(More)
This paper empirically examines the acquisition of a technology from a source outside the firm and its incorporation into a new or existing operational process. We refer to this key activity in process innovation as external technology integration. This paper develops a conceptual framework of external technology integration based on organizational(More)
The problem of errors in patient care is a critical issue facing hospitals today. An Institute of Medicine [To err is human, building a safer health system. Washington DC: National Academy Press.] study estimates that medical errors are linked to more than 98,000 deaths annually, and that 58% of these error-related deaths are preventable. This paper(More)
The purpose of this study is to explore current strategies for reducing errors at U.S. hospitals. Reports by the Institute of Medicine highlight concerns about the staggering number of medical errors that occur in the U.S. healthcare system. These reports have exerted considerable pressure on hospitals to establish programs that reduce errors and improve(More)
Data are employed from a sample of New York hospitals and the Hospital Consumer Assessment Healthcare Providers and Systems database to analyze the effects of capital spending, staffing levels, and salaries on hospital performance. The most striking result is that higher average salaries are associated with lower length of stay, lower mortality rate, and(More)
Abstract- This paper focuses on the transformation of education in engineering to education in engineering innovation. In particular, this paper describes the award winning Bachelor of InnovationTM (BI) family of degrees at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, which is a unique partnership between the schools of business and engineering that(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this paper is to examine empirically how operational performance and contextual factors contribute to differences in overall patient care costs across different hospitals. DESIGN/METHODOLOGY/APPROACH Administrative data are employed from a sample of hospitals in New York State to construct measures of contextual factors, operational(More)