Gregory N. Postma

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OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS To identify contemporary indications, treatment principles, technique, injection materials, complications, and success rates of vocal fold injection augmentation. STUDY DESIGN Multi-institutional retrospective review. METHODS Records of patients undergoing injection augmentation at seven university medical centers from July 2007(More)
Laryngopharyngeal sensory discrimination testing (LPSDT) has become a popular means of detecting sensory deficits in patients with voice and/or swallowing complaints. During this procedure, transnasal fiberoptic laryngoscopy (TFL) using a specialized fiberoptic scope is performed in order to deliver discrete pulses of air to the laryngopharyngeal mucosa.(More)
Chylous fistula resulting from intraoperative injury to the cervical thoracic duct is well described as a complication of neck dissection. However, injury to the thoracic duct during spinal surgery is rarely reported. The authors present the first case of thoracic duct injury occurring during cervical discectomy and fusion via an anterior approach. The(More)
Temporary vocal fold immobility resolving in 4 weeks or less is considered a transient immobility. Many different disorders may lead to this type of laryngeal motion impairment. It is important for otolaryngologists to be familiar with the differential diagnosis for transient vocal fold immobility in order to optimize the management of these unusual cases.
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