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1. Introduction Organizations have increased their use of and reliance upon computers and networks. With the increased availability of computers and the Internet at work, however, employees also have increased opportunities to use these same devices for personal reasons [6,12,30,35]. We refer to such behavior as personal use of the Internet. The research(More)
Usability is a key component of websites that are commercially successful. Interactivity has been inconclusively linked to website usability. This study strengthens the theoretical understanding of how interactivity affects usability by measuring user satisfaction—a subconstruct of usability—across bookstore and e-card websites. We build on theoretical(More)
Abstr act In this paper, we create a taxonomy of interactive digital entertainment (IDE), which can be used to guide future research in IDE and direct the design of interactive entertainment. We start by defining and explaining the differences between IDE and lifestyle computing. We then review the major taxonomies on gaming that can illuminate research and(More)
Previous research suggests that Information Systems and Software Development (ISSD) developers may sometimes omit required tests and not deliver on promised software functionality. This raises the question as to how often, and in which manner, software developers or companies act in morally questionable ways. In related research in other disciplines immoral(More)